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Last Updated: 17 Oct, 2023

Welcome to BodyBrainAI's Cookie Policy. This document explains the nature, purpose, and management of the cookies we use on the BodyBrainAI website ( and its affiliated pages (the “Website”). This policy complements our Privacy Policy, which you can review here. By accessing our Website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are tiny data files sent by a website to a user's device or computer browser. Their primary function is to help websites remember user preferences and recognize returning users. Session cookies vanish once you close your browser, while persistent cookies remain until they're manually deleted or they expire.

Our Usage of Cookies

Our Website employs both session and persistent cookies. Most of our cookies are session-based, disappearing after you end your session or log out. Certain cookies remain on your device longer, especially those tied to specific Website features.

Cookies enhance your experience with our Website by:

  • Retaining your personal settings and privacy preferences.

  • Facilitating functionalities that might not be accessible without cookies.

  • Delivering relevant BodyBrainAI information, including updates and special offers.

  • Optimizing the content and performance of our Website by tracking user behavior (this data is pooled across users and remains anonymous).

Cookies Deployed on Our Website

Here’s a categorization of the cookies used:

  • Operational Cookies: Essential for the Website's functionality. If these are blocked, certain aspects of our Website may not function properly.

  • Functional Cookies: Enhance user experience by recalling specific preferences. Removing these might result in limited Website functionality.

  • Analytical Cookies: Used for Website optimization and analytics. We might employ our own or collaborate with third-party analytics providers. This helps us understand user interactions and improve our Website based on that data.

  • Advertising Cookies: While BodyBrainAI is committed to providing a personalized user experience, we ensure no Personally Identifiable Information is collected via third-party advertisers on our Website. But they might gather data about your online activities across different platforms.

Managing Cookies

Disabling or rejecting cookies might diminish the Website's usability. Browsers can be set to notify upon cookie receipt and provide rejection options. Deleting existing cookies or blocking new ones might necessitate re-entering preferences with each Website visit. To learn more about managing your cookies, visit

For detailed insights into how BodyBrainAI employs third-party cookies, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


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